Unlike our major competitors, we don’t believe in keeping the cost of getting your taxes

done a secret. Our price list covers all of a typical taxpayer’s needs. However, if there is

something you need that is not listed, just give us a call and we will tell you how much we

will charge for the service without any marketing scams just to get you in the door. The

owner is very flexible and will often give price concessions and/or discounts depending on a

client’s needs.


Price List


1. 1040 returns - $189


2. 1040A returns- $119


3. 1040EZ returns- $65


4. Amendments- $69


5. Amendments, if original return is not in our system- $99


6. Dependent’s return, if person who claimed you as a dependent filed here- $25


7. Extensions- $10 (Free for current customers)


8. MI Homestead Property Tax Credit (includes MI Home Heating Credit) - $75


9. MI Home Heating Credit only - $30


No upfront money needed for those with a federal refund. We have several options!


10. Post-dated check- Extra $25












Bank Products Through Santa Barbara Tax Products Group


11.  Refund Transfers


        A)  Cashier's Check (printed at our office) - Extra $95.90 ($80.95 if no State refund)


        B)  Direct Deposit (into taxpayer's account) – Extra $95.90 ($80.95 if no State refund)


        C)  Walmart Direct2Cash - (picked up at Walmart in cash) - Extra $95.90 ($80.95 if no State refund)


        D)  Walmart MoneyCard (refund is loaded on Walmart money card) - Extra $95.90 ($80.95 if no State refund)



12.  Fast Cash Advance (Loan from bank based on refund amount that is received within 48 hours, if approved)


        A)  Cashier's Check (printed at our office) - Extra $135.85

(0% APR if up to $500 of expected tax refund is loaned, 15.95% APR if $501 - $3,000 of expected tax refund is loaned, & 44.95%  APR if $3,001 - $6,000 of expected tax refund is loaned.  No charge if loan is not approved.)


       B)  Walmart MoneyCard (refund is loaded on a Walmart money card) - Extra $135.85

(0% APR if up to $500 of expected tax refund is loaned, 15.95% APR if $501 - $3,000 of expected tax refund is loaned, & 44.95% APR if $3,0001 - $6,000 of expected tax refund is loaned.  No charge if loan is not approved.)



13.  IRS/State Representation - $100/hour with a $500 retainer fee due upfront


14.  MI State Real Estate Transfer Tax (SRETT) Refund - 10% of your refund or $100, whichever is greater


Oh, and by the way, our low price guarantee is not just lip service.  If we can verify that another reputable tax office located in the Downriver, MI area charges less than us for the same return, we will beat it!






































Requirements When Coming In To Get Your Taxes Done


  • Valid government-issued photo id (driver’s license, State ID card, passport, etc.) for whomever is filing a return, including spouse
  • All statements and forms showing income, such as W-2 (wages), W-2G (gambling winnings), 1099R (retirement funds), & SSA-1099 (social security benefits)
  • Social security cards, birth certificates, or passports for everyone who is filing, including dependents (only needed at initial visit)
  • If married and preparing a joint return, both spouses must sign the return before it can be filed
  • For Homeowners claiming the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit, please bring in your Property Tax Notice from the City, which shows the current taxable value of your home
  • Proof of residency for any child used to claim the Earned Income Credit (i.e. medical statements, school records, church records, employer records, etc.)
  • Landlord's name and address if you pay rent and made less than $50,000 last year
  • Statements for business income and deductions (i.e. bank/credit card statements, receipts, spreadsheets, journals, logs, etc.)

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